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Certified Turkish Translator in London

Professional Turkish Translator in London

Haluk Aka is a professional Turkish to English and English to Turkish translator in London with 20+ years of experience, an American Translators’ Association member (ATA Member No: 250641) in the US and a Chartered Linguist (MCIL) in the UK (CIoL Member No: 54439). Holding IoLET’s Diploma in Translation, a Level 7 (Master’s) qualification, Haluk specialises in legal (corporate law, international trade, arbitration documents, Acquis Communautaire etc.), business (management, quality assurance… Read More…

Certified Professional English to Turkish Translator Haluk Aka, Chartered Linguist (MCIL)

100% Customer Satisfaction

Based on 32 reviews
Ali Ozturk
Haluk Beyi herkeze tavsiye etmekten mutluluk duyarim . 1 gunde butun evraklari bitirip teslim etti . Güler yüzü ve profosyonelligi , yardimlari icin Tesekkurler.
Lykourgos Kanellos
Very good service. Professional work and quick. I had my birthday certificate translation the next day. I totally recommend it
llker Cbk
Güler yüzlü ve güzel isciliginiz teşekkürler Haluk bey
Alper Alkaya
Haluk was responsive and professional. I used his service for a U.S. visa application. The documents were ready in 24 hours and shipping arrived the next day. Would definitely recommend using his services for Turkish translations.
Baran Yeter
Haluk Bey cok profesyonel bir şekilde tüm sorularıma açıklık getirdi ve çevirimi işlemimi çok kısa bir sürede gerçekleştirdi. Servisten çok memnun kaldim, teşekkür ederim.
Suleyman Yildirim
Haluk Bey, cok hizli bir sekilde kalici oturum vizesi basvurum icin gerekli olan cevirileri yapti. Cuma aksami verdigim ceviriyi haftasonu bitirerek soz verdigi tarihten daha erken teslim etti. Kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum.
Mahsuni Kurt
Working with Haluk Aka Ltd was one of my smoothest transactions ever. I sent a PDF of my document that needed to be translated at 11pm and by 11:30am tomorrow I received it. This review wasn’t falsely made for the 20% off either, and if I ever need another document translated Haluk Aka Ltd is the place.
Özlem Aslan
Ingiltere vatandaşlık islemlerimle ilgili internette çevirmen ararken Haluk Aka'nın tecrübeli bir Chartered Linguist oldugunu görünce diğer opsiyonları tercih etmeyip ona başvurdum. Gün icinde geç attığım ve acil olduğunu belirttiğim emaile hızlıca dönüp ertesi sabah 7 civarına mükemmel bir çeviri yetiştirdi ve aynı gün hızlı kargoya ıslak imzalı aslını da verdi. Herşey birkaç emaille hızlıca çözüldü. Gerçekten konusunda uzman ve işini titizlikle ve hızlı yapan biri, iletişim konusunda da çok profesyonel ve kibar bir insan. Kendisiyle gurur duydum, herkese öneririm. I was looking for a translator for my British citizenship application documents. I realised that Haluk Aka was an experienced Chartered Linguist therefore I have chosen him among other options. He quickly responded to my email that emphasised the urgency but sent very late. He sent me documents covering important information regarding his qualifications etc in addition to a perfect translation around 7am the next morning via email which was impressive. He also arranged the courier on the same day for next day delivery. Everything was conveniently and quickly completed via a few emails. He is an expert in his field, he does his job meticulously. He is also a very professional and polite person in terms of communication. I felt proud of him and I definitely recommend him.
Emre Cagirici
Highly recommended; very responsive, quick process. Contacted to translate some documents from Turkish to English via email. Got a response for my email very quickly, then got a clear explanation for the process and timing. He provided translation on time. He is a ATA member, provides verified translation. Highly recommend this place.
One of my friend told me about Haluk Aka Ltd. I found his service is very professional and reliable. Done all the work as aggred and posted the original documents on time as promised. if I need to I'll definitely use his services again.
English to Turkish Translator in London, United Kingdom, Haluk Aka, Chartered Linguist
Next day first class delivery throughout the UK

Haluk L. Aka, Chartered Linguist (MCIL)

Haluk Aka Ltd is registered in London, and as English-to-Turkish translators and Chartered Linguists, we service the entire United Kingdom. Certified English to Turkish / Turkish to English translations we deliver are authentic legal instruments valid in the UK, Ireland, Turkiye, Europe and even United States (thanks to our American Translators Association membership). With some of the best translation rates in London, we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure you get impeccable translation and certification services each time, as we’re striving to remain the best Turkish linguists London has ever seen. Click or tap the button below to email your documents, or hit the WhatsApp button in the lower right corner to contact us over WhatsApp.

Professional Language Services

English to Turkish Translation Services

English and Turkish are from two different language families. Therefore they have entirely different (in fact, quite opposite) sentence structures. So, translating English to Turkish differs from translating English to German or Italian to French. An English-to-Turkish translator has to rewrite every Turkish sentence to register the original message in the target text accurately. Read More…

English to Turkish Localisation

At, we take pride in our robust history of translating and localising web content which spans back to 1997, showcasing our longstanding expertise in the field. Our skilled linguists and dedicated project managers bring a wealth of experience in working with various programming and markup languages, including HTML, ASP, PHP, and programming languages such as C and C++.

Turkish to English Translation Services

Documents our clients send for translation are typically graduate-level texts with many cultural references, subtexts and marketing messages that need a native speaker to render correctly. In addition, there are fundamental differences between the legal systems of Turkey (which basically has Roman Law) and those of the United Kingdom and the United States (which has Common Law). Read More…

Turkish to English Proofing is Always Included

Unless you specifically request a deeper discount (i.e. if you have your own proofers, need the text for information purposes only, or want to proof it yourself), proofing by a second linguist is always included in my rate. For your peace of mind and that of mine. More…

Localisation Project Management

Understanding your business’s nuanced demands, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the United Kingdom for localisation services without compromising on quality or attention to detail. While our core focus lies in seamless Turkish-to-English and English-to-Turkish translations, our capabilities extend to an array of other language pairs, ensuring your message resonates with your international audience in a culturally and contextually appropriate manner.

Our target audience includes website owners, businesses, and multinational corporations looking to expand their global footprint through precise localisation strategies. We stand ready to aid you in bridging language barriers with solutions that are not only reliable but tailored to your company’s specific needs.

In choosing Haluk Aka Ltd, you are entrusting your localisation needs to a partner renowned for professionalism, reliability, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our goal is not only to translate – it is to transform your content to engage and appeal to each of your target markets as though it were originally crafted for them.

Venture into new markets with confidence, assured that your localisation is handled by the best in the business.

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Don’t miss out on a 20% discount for your first translation order. Subscribe to our mailing list, share our website on your social media, and send us the link to your post for verification. Regardless of size, we will apply a 20% discount to your next project. This exclusive deal will expire soon, so act now and take advantage of this amazing offer.

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We work remotely. Above is our registered address, not our workplace.

English to Turkish Translator You Can Trust

We’re very keen to keep your documents confidential. All information and data shared with us via forms or email on this website is subject to Haluk Aka Ltd’s Confidentiality Policy and shall not be disclosed to third parties in any way or form other than for compliance with court orders or comparable legal obligations. We’ve operated on 100% customer satisfaction for the last 25 years.

Turkish Translator in London: Translation Rates

Our English to Turkish translation rates may vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the text, the subject matter, the deadline, and layout/formatting requirements. On average, you can expect to pay around £0.08 to £0.10 for our professional translation services. You will find a complete translator price list on our translation rates page.

Translation Prices: Guide Prices

We strive to make things as simple as possible for you. Following are some guide prices that apply to the majority of one-page translation projects. Please remember that these are for non-technical texts that don’t require special formatting or layout. If you have a volume translation (longer texts, bigger documents, more word count) or anything more complex, please feel free to contact us. We will consider your specific translation requirements and quote you our best translation price.

Half Page


English to Turkish and Turkish to English certified translation of diplomas, certificates, messages, short letters, short documents, and anything up to 250 words.

Inclusive of electronic signature (electronically signed PDF) for online submissions.

Accepted by UKVI, Home Office and all government offices that accept electronic submissions.

Typically delivered within two work days (please confirm).

Non-technical, general texts that don’t require advanced page layout only. If you have any other translation questions, please feel free to contact us.

Full Page


Turkish to English and English to Turkish certified translations of letters, GP reports, decrees absolute, court orders, judgments, etc., up to 500 words.

Wet-signed (paper) certified translation with wafer seal and embossed stamp accepted by all government offices and courts.

First Class signed-for delivery (Royal Mail, next day delivery) throughout the UK.

Optional notary and apostille attest for documents intended for overseas.

Non-technical, general texts that don’t require advanced page layout only.



English-to-Turkish and Turkish-to-English certified translation of pages with small print and up to 700 words, such as agreements, terms and conditions, medical reports, and more.

Wet-signed (paper) certified translation with wafer seal and embossed stamp accepted by all government offices and courts.

First Class signed-for delivery (Royal Mail, next day delivery) throughout the UK.

Optional notary and apostille attest for documents intended for overseas.

Non-technical, general texts that don’t require advanced page layout only.

English – Turkish Translator

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English – Turkish Translator in London, UK